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Apr 04, 2018 , 18:13:42 IST

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06:13 PM (IST)

Seems like we are approaching the end now. Ruel is now singing Golden Years and there go the colourful, bright fireworks! That was one massive and beautiful opening ceremony. The CWG 2018 are official underway. What a spectacular welcome Gold Coast has given the participating teams!

06:11 PM (IST)

Australian star Delta Goodrem singing ‘Welcome to Earth’. Now, a humongous humpback whale, Migaloo, is floating inside the stadium.

05:57 PM (IST)

Prince Charles reads out the message and declares the 21st Commonwealth Games open!

05:56 PM (IST)

Sally Pearson, the hurdle queen, is the final career of the baton and after some struggle, the Queen’s message is finally retrieved from the baton

05:53 PM (IST)

Beautiful, isn’t it?

05:52 PM (IST)

Athletes carrying the CWG flag

05:52 PM (IST)

Another superb shot from the opening ceremony

05:49 PM (IST)

The baton is currently doing the rounds of the stadium, changing hands

05:42 PM (IST)

After Louise Martin’s stirring speech on gender equality and how the current CWG are more relevant than ever before, the crowd gears up to welcome the Queen’s baton

05:38 PM (IST)

Time for the speeches, first up to take the mic is Peter Beattie, Chairman of Gold Coast 2018 CWG Corporation

05:35 PM (IST)

Australian hockey legend Mark Knowles carrying the national flag during the Parade of Nations

05:34 PM (IST)

Now, time for the athletes oath

“We come to this place from many lands, to demonstrate the spirit of true sportsmanship that we all share. And to stand up for the values and ideals that live at the heart of these Games. Our shared humanity –the respect we give each other, finding lasting friendships and common ground in our diversity. Our shared equality – the level playing field on which we compete, providing fairness and opportunity for all. And our shared destiny – to do our best here, so we inspire individuals and communities around the world to realise their own aspirations. This is our oath.”

05:30 PM (IST)

Singer Emma Dean is welcoming the ceremonial flag

The flag is being carried by six athletes: Nicole Forrester (high jump, Canada), Alison Shanks (track cycling, New Zealand), Rhona Toft (hockey, Scotland), Brendan Williams (high jump, Dominica), Colin Gregor (rugby sevens, Scotland), Natalie Du Toit (swimming, South Africa)

05:28 PM (IST)

The Smoking Ceremony was surreal

05:25 PM (IST)

Smoking Ceremony is currently underway – it’s an ancient ritual still practiced by indigenous Australians. It involves burning native plants which produces smoke and bathing in it results in cleansing

05:19 PM (IST)

Noonan’s performance has left everyone gushing!

05:17 PM (IST)

Fireworks welcome Australian singer/songwriter Katie Noonan who is singing ‘You’re Welcome Here’ and will have the Gold Coast Choir for company

05:13 PM (IST)

That’s the end of the Parade of Nations but stay with us! There’s still more to come

05:07 PM (IST)

Now enter the host – Australia with a loud cheer and applause, drenched in a rain of confetti

05:06 PM (IST)

Australian flag raised during the ceremony

05:05 PM (IST)

We are into the last region now – Oceania

05:02 PM (IST)

A proud PV Sindhu leads the Indian contingent during the Parade of Nations

05:00 PM (IST)

Now the Caribbean nations – 14 of them total to go for a walk at the Carrara Stadium

04:55 PM (IST)

India has brought a strong 225-member contingent to Australia. Badminton, shooting, boxing are some of the disciplines where a rich haul of medals is expected. In the last three editions, the Indian contingent has amassed a total of 215 medals

04:53 PM (IST)

OK, but let me first take a selfie!

04:52 PM (IST)

And here comes the Indian contingent, led by the champion shuttler PV Sindhu

04:48 PM (IST)

It’s time for the Asian teams – first up is Bangladesh!

04:45 PM (IST)

Members of the Scotland delegation were the first to make their way into the stadium

04:42 PM (IST)

The Gambia is the smallest team among the participants with just six athletes

04:38 PM (IST)

They’ve got the moves!

04:36 PM (IST)


When Ghana first took part in the Commonwealth Games in 1954 they competed as Gold Coast!

04:35 PM (IST)

David Calvert of Northern Ireland is taking part in his 11th Commonwealth Games – his first appearance at the Games was in 1978!

04:31 PM (IST)

Prince Charles (4th from left) and Camilla wave to athletes during the Opening Ceremony

04:27 PM (IST)

At the CWG 2018, 39 flagbearers are male, 32 are female and Athletics is the most-represented sport, with 24 flagbearers competing in Athletics.

04:25 PM (IST)

Well, Isle of Man, Jersey, Northern Ireland among others have made their way into the stadium. So we can safely assume they aren’t following the alphabetical order

04:24 PM (IST)

Ricki-Lee Coulter during her performance

04:20 PM (IST)

Cyprus walk in next followed by England

04:18 PM (IST)

First up – Scotland – they were the hosts of the last CWG – Glasgow 2014. So they have the honour of entering the stadium first

04:18 PM (IST)

And now it’s time for the Parade of Nations – Each nation will enter as per their continents and in alphabetical order, soaking in the atmosphere and the applause

04:15 PM (IST)

Again, it’s time for some music as Ricki-Lee Coulter sings Technicolour Love as she makes her way through what looks like a beach with a bunch of sun-bathing Australians.

04:10 PM (IST)

The baton has arrived at the Carrara Stadium. The baton bearer is Damien Rider – an ultra marathon runner

04:09 PM (IST)

Looking sharp, PV Sindhu

04:04 PM (IST)

Time for Australian national anthem after Ted Williams delivers a message on behalf of Yugambeh Elders

04:01 PM (IST)

The beautifully depicted totem ceremony

03:59 PM (IST)

Commonwealth Games dignitaries are now making their way to the middle of the stadium: Peter Beattie, Chairman of Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Organising Committee

03:58 PM (IST)

A totem ceremony – passing down of the knowledge from the ancestors/elders to the future generation – concludes with the appearance of an eagle – a symbol of protection

03:54 PM (IST)

It’s surely an entertaining start

03:53 PM (IST)

Rapper Mau Power lights up the ceremony

03:49 PM (IST)

William Barton, one of Australia’s finest traditional didgeridoo players, entertains the crowd and singer Christine Anu joins him

03:46 PM (IST)

A light projection depicting the continents drifting apart during the opening ceremony

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